Nuria Güell

“I have defined a master plan which proposes to apply to banks the same law that regulates their money generating activity, as well as I highlight this mechanism, which is consciously concealed from the public. In order to do this, I have created various means to inform and educate the public how to expropriate money from banks.

The first phase was to carry out an educational meeting entitled “How to expropriate money from the bank” with expropriators Lucio Urtubia and Enric Duran, and economist Qmunty, where they explained the different strategies of expropriation, as well as the actual strategy banks currently use to create money. The second phase was the creation and publication of a manual containing the various expropriation strategies, legal consultation and analytical texts.

This manual was freely distributed in public places and on the Web 2.0.”
Nuria Güell


Displaced Legal Application #1: Fractional Reserve 2010-2011, Barcelona

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