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Interview with Vasily Zaitsev
@Institute of Networks Culture | Holland


What exactly triggered you to start and curate this exhibition, to choose the theme of Mon3y and error?
" asked me to organize a call… The main motivation was boredom."

Why do you choose to be an anonymous curator? Or do you think that is irrelevant?
"Break the conventions within "art sphere" as well as to identity the potentiality of art itself and the web 2.0"

Do you think Facebook is a 'new' vivid place to start online art happenings/exhibitions like this? Is Facebook becoming more and more
an art space, rather than a 'social' space?

"Unfortunately, Facebook is the commercialization of social relationships. That is why, rather than "making friends" It is more desirable "making art" as long as the action contains a critical approach towards the web 2.0."

What is your opinion on the irony of Facebook making money off the exhibited content?
"Oddly, the sentence "*ONLY FACEBOOK MAKE REAL MONEY WITH ALL THIS. BE CAREFUL " is an essential part of the project because it shows the fatal and ironic paradox of a critique that takes place within the web 2.0."

When did you first post the call for artworks and when did the exhibition 'open'?
Are there any numbers of visitors you want to share (from the facebook
page or website?

"Sorry, I don't remember the dates . Since I used Ben Grosser's "Demetricator",
I have no numerical data ;) "

How did manage to you attract that many artists and artworks? The line-up is quite impressive.
"I guess the possibility of working with a "death curator" attracted them enough to do it."

Is this project finished? Or is the call closed?

"Even though we still accept works, the project is completed. "

Will you continue to work on this theme or on other themes/online exhibtions?
"Right now, is getting ready to launch a second open call with a different topic as well as a different 'Vasily Zaitsev'."

Did this project cost you any money?
"… "

How do you feel about being able to donate money, let's say through bitcoin or flattr :),  to you as a curator, or is that out of question? In other words, should art like this, be fr33?
"There is a clear difference between art and market."

If money is the 'glitch' in our system, how do we 'unglitch' it?
"The real "glitch" is that money is the System."

Do you believe in alternative currencies, such as bitcoin?
"The only alternative is a currency that establishes a limit towards the accumulation of capital, that doesn't allow speculation, and that can be used as a tool for social wealth. As soon as you know about one let me know ;) "




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